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Beaches of Kerala

It is difficult to specially mention one or two beaches of Kerala, as the western border of Kerala is the vast Arabian Sea. One can see the waves, if not hear them gushing from beyond the fringed palms and paddy fields all through Kerala. Kerala is synonymous with beaches and it does not stop with one or two but all. Though few beaches have become famous over the time due to its proximity to various important destinations or cities and towns, all of the Kerala beaches are unique in its own sense.

Kovalam Beach

Around 15 kms from the state capital of Thiruvananthapuram is the one of the most famous beaches of India, for local as well as international tourists, the Kovalam Beach. The small village of Kovalam came into limelight due to its beautiful beaches thronged by tourists from all over the world. The soft sand and the clystar clear water is the uniqueness of the Kovalam beach and that was what attracted the tourists to this tiny village. Today it has become the hottest beach spot and is crowded by tourists pouring from all over India and the world, throughout the year.

Varkala Beach

The best option to the crowded Kovalam Beach is the Varkala beach. What makes the coastline of Varkala exceptional is its landscape and an hour's drive from the state capital of Kerala. The picturesque location has many a natural splendour to astound any visitor. The nearby hills and cliffs give a wonderful backdrop with shining white sand, blue sky meeting the green waters on the horizon and the lush green paddy fields, add to the beauty. Even before Varkala became famous the beach called Papanashanam was well known for the locals, which drew great crowds, for its belief that a dip in the waters would cure all sins.

The other beaches on the way to fame are the Kappad, Thangicherry, Cheria, Tannur and many more.

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