Main Attraction


Kerala, famous for its beaches, its back waters, its wildlife sanctuaries, its various classical dances, it temples and churches and the wonderful cuisine that it serves is also the most unique state of India. Kerala society is matriarchal society; it is the only state of India with 100% literacy rate, it is the only state with lowest infant mortality rate and highest life expectancy in India. The amazing state has network of as many as 44 rivers developing the eye soothing greenery and nurturing the great exotic wildlife. The Kathakali and the Mohiniyattam dances and martial arts of Theyyam and Kalatippayattu for the art lovers, the old temples like the Guruvayur and the Sabarimala and the first churches of India for the religious, Ayurveda and the massages at Malabar for the health freaks, the serene beaches of Thiruvananthapuram and the calm back waters of Kumarakom, Allepuzha for the peace seeker and the lush greenery dotted with rivers and waterfalls full of exotic wild life of Periyar for the nature lovers. Kerala enchants one and all.

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